Saturday, November 5

Adrenal Fatigue Fighter

Adrenal Fatigue Fighter is a complex formula to strengthen and support adrenal function and energy. The ingredients in Adrenal Fatigue Fighter have been shown to help:
       Increase energy
       Improve mood & focus
       Balance cortisol levels
       Stimulant Free

A complex formula to strengthen adrenal function and naturally support healthy energy levels.
Life these days can be demanding! Overloaded schedules include high-stress jobs, family events and activities, and seemingly endless projects and responsibilities! As a result of such demanding lifestyles, we are at risk of becoming both emotionally and physically stressed out! We don't always maintain healthy diets or get enough essential nutrients, sleep, exercise, or well needed down time to support the body during these times of high-stress. We can only take so much before we find ourselves feeling fatigued, grumpy, unmotivated, getting sick more often, and shutting down emotionally and physically. To make matters worse, we try to correct the way we are feeling by making quick, poor diet choices to help us get through the day. Energy drinks or coffee become the main choice of beverages, and high sugar/carb foods become our staple to give us that energetic boost. But, the effects never last long and these choices actually have damaging effects on the adrenal glands.
The adrenals are walnut sized glands that sit above the kidneys. Healthy adrenal glands produce adrenalin, cortisol, aldosterone, norepinephrine, and other energy hormones which the body uses to respond to challenges/stress. Too much stress (whether related to stressful times, lack of sleep or poor nutrition) will lead to an improper balance in hormones. Exhausted adrenal glands cannot respond properly when needed, and these imbalances can cause weight gain, lack of energy, long term fatigue and more. There are numerous factors that contribute to the demise of the small, but incredibly powerful adrenal glands. Some of them include: Stress (physically and emotionally), poor nutrition, lack of sleep, anger, anxiety, fear, sugar, drugs and alcohol.
Because we cannot avoid stress entirely, it is important that we support the adrenal glands, particularly during times of high-stress and exhaustion. Getting a proper amount of sleep, mild exercise, and having stress reducing techniques in place will help allow the adrenal glands to rejuvenate properly. It is also critical to make sure the body is getting good foods that include a sufficient amounts of essential vitamins and nutrients that fully support adrenal health. Adrenal Fatigue Fighter contains a powerful blend of vitamins, nutrients, herbal adaptogens, and other all-natural aids to help support strong adrenal function and healthy energy levels, without the use of stimulants.